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About Us is a trading website owned by Sparkplugs Limited - a UK based, specialist retailer of spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition leads and other ignition related products.

The company has been trading since 2003 and was incorporated in October 2006.

This has always been an Internet based business and as such we do not have a shop or premises from which you can make a collection, this allows us to keep prices low and concentrate on what we do best - selling our products online. However, we are happy to accept telephone enquiries and accept telephone orders from UK customers.

Since it's original incarnation, we have always strived to maintain the most useful UK/European based web site possible without compromising on accuracy. In this business inaccurate or misleading information is worse than no information. We have painstakingly produced the references on this site and we are not interested in a 'quick sell' - we would much rather lose a sale than provide incorrect information or lead a customer to believe something we feel is not true.

Unlike many Internet retailers we keep a very large stock inventory with over 6000 different parts currently on file - a large percentage of which are stocked items, this enables us to despatch the vast majority of orders on the same day that an order is placed. Please see our shipping policy for further details.

Our shipping charges are based upon an approximate cost calculation, we do not believe that low prices should be offset by high postage costs.

We hope you find this site useful and, of course, ultimately we hope to do business with you.

Company registration: 5426757
VAT registration: 834347033