Marine Engines

Marine Engines

Spark Plugs for marine and watercraft applications.

Outboard motors and inboard engines, Jet Skis, wet bikes and others.

For Marine engines we recommend Champion spark plugs. Champion have been making spark plugs longer than almost any other manufacturer and have a wealth of experience in creating parts for specific and niche applications. Plugs designed specifically for marine applications are often manufactured from highly corrosion resistant materials and where resistors are needed they are often of a special design to ensure optimum performance whilst protecting ignition systems and radio equipment from interference.

It's especially important to fit the correct part for marine applications. Some ignition systems can be damaged through use of the incorrect spark plug. Please consult your owners handbook for the best and most reliable part recommendations. Needless to say, when at sea it's worthwhile carrying spare spark plugs.

The finder below can be used for to identify suitable Champion, NGK and Denso Spark Plugs. If you already know your part number you can enter it in the search box above.

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