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  • A few thoughts about premix 2T aka two stroke

    We quite often get asked to recommend spark plugs to help prevent plug fouling in 2 stroke engines. In many cases a change of spark plug is not necessary, the cause is very often incorrect fuel:oil ratio - especially for premix engines.

    It's a common misconception that using more oil will richen the mixture - in actual fact this leans the carburation, the 'thicker' premixed fuel is less capable of evaporation and therefore the fuel:air ratio is increased (i.e. more air and less fuel). So, if you want to run a leaner mix with less chance of fouling due to rich running you need a lower fuel:oil ratio (i.e. more oil).

    BUT it's important to differentiate between rich fouling (black carbon) and oil fouling (often wet, sticky), too much oil in the mix will result in plugs being oil fouled instead, excessive oil can even prevent adequate evaporation - the engine won't run at all.

    If in doubt always stick to the engine manufacturer's recommendation. Bear in mind that different fuel quality, operating at altitude, ambient air temperature etc can all significantly affect carburation, adjustment may be necessary in order to achieve optimum running.

  • Champion filters now available

    Champion Oil Filters

    We're now listing the brand new range of Champion filters for car and light commercials. The range covers almost all UK models and includes Air, Oil, Cabin and Fuel filters. These filters are produced in the Mexican factory which was recently purchased by Federal Mogul and also manufactures brands such as Wix, Fram, Mahle and K&N. Champion is a Federal Mogul owned brand so you can rest assured that the quality of Champion filters will equal or surpass all equivalents. Some air filters are available from stock, otherwise availability is currently 1 - 2 working days whilst we work towards stocking the entire range. Price is also VERY competitive.

    You can find all listed filters here but unfortunately Champion have yet to provide us with application details. Cross references to main competitor brands should be added by the end of today (3rd March 2017) and you can find application details using Federal Mogul's own part finder

    Champion fuel filters
  • Saltney, Chester job vacancy!

    Sparkplugs Logo

    Due to expansion plans we have a vacancy at our office in Saltney, Chester.

    This position would suit a young, IT savvy person who is enthusiastic, friendly, numerate, literate, honest and reliable. This is a multi disciplinary role with tasks ranging from picking and packing orders to maintaining and developing our social media presence. An interest in the automotive industry would be advantageous but is not essential.

    If you're interested, please contact us directly through Facebook with a little information about yourself and your CV.

  • Champion flex magnetic pickup LED torch

    Champion tele LED torch

    This is a REALLY useful pickup tool from Champion. Great for retrieving nuts and bolts dropped in the engine bay. 3 LED magnetic torch, base is also magnetic. Extends up to 56cm and has flexible head. Supplied with 3 x button cell batteries. RRP £9.99, our price £7.99!

    Watch this space for next month's Champion promotion where we will be giving some of these torches away for qualifying orders!

    Trade customers can also register the included unique code online for a chance to win red letter days, TV's, watches, T-Shirts and more.

    champion tele torch extended
  • Harley Davidson Ignition Leads!

    Magnecor 2505 Denso IXU22 Harley Davidson Sportster Ignition Leads and Spark Plugs
    Just added into stock, Magnecor Ignition Lead Sets for Sportster models and Dyna / Softail Twin Cam models.

    Both sets are also available as a package deal including Denso Iridium Spark Plugs for optimum performance.

    Just about time to fire up the hog after a long winter!

  • Garden equipment and small engine part finder is now live!

    ...and our latest Garden equipment and small engine part finder is now live and can be found on page of our website. Garden applications Applications included are Garden Equipment (Lawn mowers, brushcutters, chainsaws etc), some small engine and building equipment (mixers, generators, levellers etc), agricultural equipment (harvesters, threshers, tractors etc), and even snowmobiles and ATVs! Any ATV models not listed in this guide can be found in our Motorcycle and ATV part finder . Please let us know if you notice any errors with any of our Part Finders. Thanks, Rob, Sparkplugs Ltd.
  • Marine engine specific Spark Plug finder is now live

    Hello everyone, just to let you know we've set up a Marine engine specific Spark Plug finder application to our website at in preparation for the spring! NGK, Champion and Denso catalogues can be searched. Applications include Marine Outboard motors, Inboard engines, Jet Ski, Wet bike, Hovercraft - even an Airboat and Submarine (!) marine_finder As always, we would recommend you check your owner's manual for the best possible advice but our part finder may be helpful if you don't have a manual available.
  • Happy New Year 2017!!

    That is all :D
  • Seasons Greetings!

    We'll be shipping out orders right up until 5pm GMT on Friday 23rd December. Our office will be closed from 23rd Dec until Tuesday 3rd Jan.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support during 2016.

    All the best for Christmas, the New Year, and 2017!

    Sparkplugs Ltd

    Xmas Snowman
  • An interesting new addition to our tools range...

    Gunson plug cleaner Gunson Spark Plug Cleaner Compressor Attachment

    Recently added to our range is this odd looking device from Gunson, it may look like a tea cosy but it's actually a spark plug cleaning attachment for use with an air compressor. 70 - 80 psi is required in order to operate it efficiently, it can be switched from air only to air and grit. Supplied with a 120g (approx) pack of Gunson abrasive grit, refills are available here

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