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Magnecor are the number one manufacturer of high performance Silicon ignition leadsets. These HT cable sets are made from high specification conductors wrapped in silicon insulation. Sets are available for many cars and some high capacity motorcycles - especially twin cylinder engines from Buell, Ducati and Harley. Most sets will be made to order and are normally available within 1 week of your order being placed. We always keep certain Range Rover and Mazda RX-8 sets in stock.

Great as a performance upgrade for any vehicle using HT cables (some use direct fire igntion - no cables) or if you're experiencing misfire as your leads get to the end of their service life and the insulation begins to break down. Rang Rover models with LPG conversions often see great improvements after fitting

All sets are 'plug and play' unless otherwise specified. Simply disconnect your old leads at spark plug and distributor/coil ends and connect up the new Magnecor leads - which are numbered for your convenience.