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Nippondenso Co. Ltd – or DENSO Corporation


Nippondenso Co. Ltd was established in 1949 in Kariya, near Nagoya, in Japan. Original production was centred on automotive electrical products and radiators. In 1953 a technical cooperation agreement was made with the German Robert Bosch Company, DENSO subsequently opened their first technical training centre in 1954, to facilitate their belief that the best way to achieve progress is to invest in the development of people. This remains DENSO’s philosophy to this day. A few highlights of DENSO's history are listed below:

  • In 1955 and 1956 DENSO established injection pump and refrigerator preparation sections, followed by the establishing of AICHI DENSO CO. LTD, to start the first DENSO spark plug production business in 1957.
  • In 1961, DENSO were awarded the Deming prize, this is the most prestigious recognition of quality control, making DENSO the first automotive parts supplier in Japan to be so accredited.
  • Many new facilities were added over the next 20 or so years, Ikeda, Hiroshima, Anjo, Nishio, Takatana, Los Angeles, The Netherlands (currently just outside Amsterdam), Thailand, Australia and Canada and various branch offices including Stuttgart and Detroit,.
  • In 1975 DENSO created the world’s first spark plug with U-grooved ground electrode, a major leap forward in spark plug efficiency.
  • 1984 saw the opening of DENSO Sales UK and DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH.
  • Through the 1980s DENSO opened a number of technical training and education facilities and also their first European manufacturing facility, DENSO Barcelona S.A. opened in 1989, initially producing ignition coils but subsequently incorporating a UK manufacturing facility, DENSO Marston Ltd, to produce radiators.
  • Nippondenso Co. Ltd’s name was officially changed to ‘DENSO Corporation’ in 1991.
  • In 1997 DENSO produced the world’s first – and world famous, 0.4mm diameter Iridium alloy spark plug centre electrode. This was a hugely significant advance in ignition technology, allowing increased efficiency without sacrificing ignition performance or service life.
  • DENSO continue to maintain and further develop their manufacturing presence and high quality standards worldwide with plants in, amongst others, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Hungary, UK, Brazil and, of course, Japan.

We are extremely pleased to be official agents for Denso UK and although our business is primarily associated with the supply of Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs and Lambda Sensors, we also have direct access to many other products in the Denso range. Please contact us if you require a quote for Ignition coils, EGT sensors, starter motors, air conditioning parts etc.

Products in the DENSO range available from Sparkplugs Ltd:

  • Standard copper spark plugs
    High quality replacements for standard or Original Equipment copper cored spark plugs. Most parts in the range use the DENSO U-groove ground electrode to improve ignition efficiency. Mainly suited to less modern cars and motorcycles.
  • Platinum/Iridium OE replacement spark plugs
    Suitable as equal or better quality replacements for OE Platinum or Iridium spark plugs. These plugs are typically used in higher performance modern engines, especially where service intervals can be very long or where access to change the spark plugs may be difficult. Platinum plugs may have a platinum tipped centre electrode and a standard ground electrode or may also include a platinum pad or chip in the sparking area of the ground electrode to further extend service life. OE Iridium plug types will usually have a 0.6mm Iridium alloy tipped centre electrode and a Platinum chip in the ground electrode. Maintenance free service life can be anything up to 100,000 miles for these types.
  • Iridium Power Spark Plugs
    Iridium Power is Denso’s aftermarket upgrade replacement spark plug range. Featuring DENSO’s world famous 0.4mm Iridium Alloy centre electrode. A wide range of designs to cover over 90% of the current UK car and motorcycle parc. Suitable to replace standard copper designs and offering performance and efficiency improvements. Iridium Power also offers benefits when replacing some OE Platinum designs although gains will normally be in performance with a slight reduction in service life.
  • Iridium Tough Spark Plugs
    Further improving the benefits of Iridium Power spark plugs, Iridium Tough Plugs still offer the ultra fine 0.4mm Iridium alloy centre electrode but also include a platinum pad or chip in the ground electrode to substantially increase service life. Materials used are generally of higher quality than the Iridium Power range - meaning that these plugs will enjoy extreme service life whilst maintaining ultimate performance. A great upgrade where service life and performance need to be combined. Certain models are also ideal for use in Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) converted vehicles.
  • Iridium Racing Spark Plugs
    Available in a variety of sizes, Denso Iridium Racing Spark Plugs offer the ultimate in strength and performance for your racing application whether it’s a car, motorcycle, snowmobile, jetski powerboat or lawnmower! Most designs offer DENSO’s 0.4mm Iridium Alloy centre electrode teamed with a square section, solid Platinum ground electrode. Manufactured from extremely high grade materials these plugs are almost impervious to vibration damage providing the correct design and heat range is selected. Priced extremely competitively to offer better value than other brands. See our range here and contact us if you need assistance in identifying a suitable part.
  • Iridium Saver Industrial Spark Plugs and igniters
    Not available through standard Denso supply channels, we have an alternative source for these specialist products. Iridium Saver plugs offer a significant increase in service life and performance for heavy Industrial applications such as natural gas or methane power generating plants.
  • Standard Glow Plugs
    Not widely known in the UK for their glow plugs up to now, Denso are beginning to claim their rightful market position. High quality glow plugs at extremely competitive prices. Denso have a suitable part for almost all UK diesel engine applications.
  • Ceramic Glow Plugs
    Denso Ceramic glow plug models offer better value for money than the competition. Fast heat up performance and extended service life, why use an alternative part?
  • Lambda / Oxygen Sensors or Probes.
    Denso supply Original Equipment Lambda sensors, also known as Oxygen Sensors or probes, to a huge number of motor vehicle manufacturers, this means Denso know exactly what went into making the part that was fitted at the factory. The DOX-* range of sensors are classed as aftermarket replacements but many are produced using identical components to the OE parts. Denso supply OE sensors to Toyota, Jaguar, Ford, Kia, Daewoo, Lexus, Suzuki, Subaru, VW, Seat and Volvo amongst many others.
    There are two varieties of Denso Lambda sensor: Direct fit, which have the correct connector and cable length already fitted, you simply need to unbolt and disconnect your old sensor and bolt and connect the new one, and Universal, some cutting of wires and attaching your original connector may be required.
    In order to ensure you are ordering the correct sensor, we strongly advise that you check the part number stamped into the sensor body, or core, of your existing part, cross reference information is available on our website or we can help you if needed. You can also contact your vehicle main dealer to request the correct OE part number.