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NGK Spark Plug BUR7EQP (4764) For Mazda RX-7


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NGK Spark Plug BUR7EQP (4764) For Mazda RX-7

NGK Spark Plug BUR7EQP (4764) For Mazda RX-7

NGK Spark Plug BUR7EQP, NGK Stock Code 4764. Please note this is a warmer heat range spark plug, it will run hotter and stay cleaner than the 8 or 9 heat range. You should only use it if you understand the implications which include possible engine damage if installed in the incorrect place or in a tuned engine.

This Spark Plug has an integral resistor and Platinum tipped centre electrode and multiple standard nickel alloy ground electrodes to extend service life. Please check the 'Part Details' and 'Vehicles' tabs of this page to find technical data and vehicle compatibility information. Please contact us before ordering if you are still unsure.

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About NGK Spark Plugs

NGK have been developing spark plug technology since the 1930s, manufacturing spark plugs for automotive engines, motorcycles, marine, horticultural, plant and many other applications. In fact NGK produces over 1,000 different spark plug designs every product matching the most demanding manufacturers’ specifications. NGK's vast experience and the technology used ensure that NGK remain the world's Number #1 Spark Plug brand. You can find the NGK part number symbol code here

About NGK Platinum and Double Platinum Spark Plugs

Single Platinum: In order to improve the sparking performance of a traditional spark plug design with J-shaped ground electrode, it is necessary to reduce the diameter of the centre electrode. A narrower electrode provides a 'point' to concentrate the electrical charge, less voltage is required to jump the gap, the resulting spark is stronger and more precise in terms of location and ignition timing. A narrow copper centre electrode would have an impractically short service life, the wear rate would be too high for such a soft metal, but by employing extremely hard metals such as platinum, the centre electrode can be made very fine, almost needle like. The ground electrode of a single platinum plug is usually a traditional nickel alloy J-shaped design.

Double Platinum: A double platinum NGK Spark Plug takes service life to the next level. As well as the performance single platinum centre electrode mentioned above, a double platinum spark plug employs a small piece of platinum, embedded in the ground electrode opposite to the firing end of the centre electrode. The most basic implementation is a platinum 'pad' on the underside of the ground electrode, opposing the platinum centre electrode, the main purpose being to reduce the wear rate of the ground electrode and thereby increasing the plug's service life. This is useful for vehicles where the manufacturer wants to extend the period between spark plug service intervals. It is also useful where service and replacement access to spark plugs is difficult or requires extensive engine disassembly. It's not unusual for double platinum spark plugs to enjoy a service life of 60,000 miles - possibly more. Double platinum spark plugs are specified as Original Equipment for many vehicles produced since the 1990s, however, OE manufacturer's bias has been towards the further benefits of Iridium spark plugs during the last 10 years.

Double Platinum With Tip Image
Example: NGK Double Platinum Spark Plug
PFR6B-11. Other part designs vary.

NGK Laser Iridium and Platinum Packaging
Example packaging for Laser Iridium and Laser Platinum Spark Plugs.
Note that packaging may vary dependant on part number.

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