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In our technical pages you can find the following sections:

  • FAQ - A collection of frequently asked questions related to spark plugs, glow plugs and Oxygen sensors.
  • Iridium spark plugs information - Such a common FAQ that we've dedicated a page to these Denso and NGK products.
  • Technical glossary - To explain some of the basic specifications by which spark plugs are categorized.
  • Symbol codes for Denso, Champion and NGK. A breakdown of the manufacturer's descriptive part number.
  • Spark plug failure analysis - Images and information to help you diagnose why your spark plug has failed or is not operating correctly.
  • Torque settings - Important figures to ensure you install your spark plugs correctly, fitting plugs securely without over stressing materials.
  • Tuning considerations - Tuned engines may require a different spark plug to maintain safe/smooth running.
  • Spark Plug heat ranges - Approximate equivalents of NGK, Denso and Champion Heat Range Scales and a brief explaination.


The answers to most enquiries can be found within the references above. However, if you require some personal assistance we will be happy to make a suggestion or answer your enquiry to the best of our ability. We have a wealth of knowledge, gathered over the last 18 years as the original UK online specialist spark plug and glow plug retailer.

Please note that for modified vehicles or a non standard part, your engine tuner or mechanic should be best placed to advise you of a suitable replacement part. We can usually suggest a replacement part but we are unable to actively recommend a non standard part for any vehicle.